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you're the only thing that lifts me up and makes me smile. [entries|friends|calendar]
kay ♥

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[ Jul052005 ]
[ mood | awake ]

mhhmmm so it's like 7:20 and i've been up since.... 5:30? somewhere around there. i was supposed to go to the carnival last night with a bunch of people but i told them i didn't want to so i stayed home alone and was bored for the rest of the night. :) yay. um... i think i'm supposed to go wednesday. not sure. anyways, tonight my team is scrimmaging the U12s. so it's sort of like a practice but not. then we have our meeting for florida and what not so i won't be home til late i think. then no practice on thursday YES! even though i need it lol... well i've written enough.
im out


[ Jul042005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so margot's picking me up in 15 minutes to go shopping with her brittnuh and josie. that's gonna be awesome. i actually have money this time lol. FLORIDA IN 4 DAYS BITCH! gosh im so excited.

oh and before i forget...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAIRY! i hope you have a great 14th. <3

well im out


[ Jul012005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

alright... so today i went over to my mom's work to help out with the yard sale thing.. that was pretty boring. and tonight i'm going to dinner for my birthday with my aunt and my grandparents. that should be fun. tomorrow i have my softball tournament... so i guess that will be okay.

haha. gilmore girls is the best show ever.
alright well im out


[ Jul012005 ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

daydreamingxx: jess... it may seem like life here is going on just fine without you... but in reality its not. i just dont want you to think that we're doing good without you.
piNk x SpIcE: aaaaaaawwwwwww thanks kay
piNk x SpIcE: that made me feel good:-)
daydreamingxx: i just really want you to know we miss you. and were not super without you here. its not like it hasnt affected all of us. we love you, duh!
piNk x SpIcE: awww I LOVE YOU ALL TOO
daydreamingxx: lol
piNk x SpIcE: my life sure isnt going on so great
daydreamingxx: yeah, maybe not right now. but it will get better once you get to know everyone. trust me, if they get to know you like we know you, they will love you.
piNk x SpIcE: awww kay i love you
daydreamingxx: i love you too jess :-)
piNk x SpIcE: :-Di cant wait to see you all

i love you jess!


me gusta mucho tu gato. [ Jun272005 ]
[ mood | excited ]

yo. so zazu still doesn't really like me that much, but i'll give him some time to get used to his surroundings. jess is coming up at the end of july and she wants to meet zazu so hopefully he won't be so afraid by then. i'm so excited to see her! florida is soon. all the moms are making us bags for florida that have flip-flops, cameras, and stuff which is cool. and the place we're staying is so nice i can't even take it. so our tournament we placed 3rd. we did awesome.

i finally got a good background and ringtone for my cell... i'm probably gonna have to pay for those lol.. and yeah. call me. lol.
so tomorrow i'm gonna see if i can fit manhunt in because i have softball practice :( and then on monday i'm going shopping with margot and then i'm hanging out with lupi sometime this week so i'm pretty much jam packed with stuff to do.

i'm gonna go finish watching happy gilmore.
call or.. something
240 344 0091


allie is a retard [ Jun272005 ]
[ mood | calm ]

allie's here... yay. not really. she's annoying as crap and i wish she would leave and never return.
haha jk. anyways yeah we're pretty much doing nothing so call us or something.

oh yeah i got a guinea pig.. and we named it zazu from the lion king :) he's adorable but he won't let me pet him.. i don't think he likes me all that much. alright later


hm yeah [ Jun242005 ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

today me and allie hung out then sarah came over and we walked to the gas station and got candy. then we went back to allie's and sarah's mom picked us up to go to her house.. we played DDR and i'm getting pretty good haha. then me and allie went home and watched aristocats. then my mom picked me up and now i'm getting a ringtone and background for my cell phone. lmao allison, "make it ring." oh that was great. that girl is BUTT UGLY. anyways... now i'm going to watch a scary movie with my mom and then go to bed for my tournament tomorrow. then tomorrow after my tournament i'm going to allie's with jeanie sylvie and sarah and we're gonna play manhunt most likely... and if i can i might sleep over. that's all. laterrr.


today [ Jun242005 ]
[ mood | complacent ]

today my dad and his g/f are taking me and allie to six flags for my birthday. i think it will be fun :) and then tomorrow i have to get up real early to go to my softball tournament.. but i think i broke my pinky so i want to get it x-rayed. well i'm gonna go get a shower. i cried so much last night.

i miss you maxy.


hmmm.. [ Jun232005 ]
[ mood | distressed ]

so tonight we're putting max down. but i dont really want to talk about it all that much so yeah. allies coming up right now and we're going to walk around. then im going to softball. i dont want to be there to see it happen. tonight will most likely be a terrible night. that's all.


:) [ Jun222005 ]
[ mood | calm ]

thanks everyone for telling me happy birthday :)
i had a fun birthday. being chased by a devil rottweiler and almost getting blown to smithereens by a humongous truck was just the icing on the cake.


maxy. [ Jun212005 ]
[ mood | sad ]

so we have to put max down. we got his bloodwork back and his blood count is 50 when it should be 150. i asked erin what that meant and it means his organs are shutting down. gosh it's really gonna suck because i've had him since as far as i can remember and it will be so different without him. me and erin used to say he was indestructable cause he ate a whole thing of chocolate and still lived heh. my mom wants to have him cremated so we can have his ashes here or something. jess said it doesnt hurt them to be put down so hopefully he wont be in pain when he dies. i'm gonna miss him so much and i cant stand knowing that he's in pain. so today pretty much sucks.


happy birthday! [ Jun212005 ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

happy birthday, birthday girl!
love kay.


mkay :) [ Jun202005 ]
[ mood | calm ]

so i'm pretty much doing nothing today... so.. call if you are free and want to hang outtt.
mkay bye.



yeahyeahhh [ Jun202005 ]
[ mood | amused ]

oh GET OVER IT. :)
i'm sure you'll survive ;)

anyways, i'm not doinggg anything tomorrow so call if you're free


lalala [ Jun172005 ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

so last night i spent the night at lupi's with margot and lupi.. and we played vice city and ate ice pops pretty much the whole time. then i got up at 9:30 and played vice city and margot and rach got up and we played for a while.. then we went to the park for about 3 minutes and went back inside and played vice city lmao. it was fun. then we ate pizza and josie came over... and we went with rach to get her hair cut and then went to kohl's and tried on stuff. that was cool. anddd then we went to wendy's and got food and they dropped me off. so tomorrow is my team's carwash which will rock since last year's was awesome. i was gonna invite someone but she's supposedly pissed at me? so margot is probably coming =] alright well this week was pretty cool. later



mb's houseeee. [ Jun162005 ]
[ mood | chipper ]

so last night i went to maribeths and we rented movies... and then we watched movies and ate til like 1:00. it was awesome. then today we watched movies again and talked and zach and dixon came over and we just hung out... it was pretty fun. tomorrow i might go see a movie but im not sure... so now im gonna go get ready for practice and eat and stuff. later =]


ohmygosh. since when do me and maribeth hang out?!?!?!?! lmao.


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